Monday, October 22, 2007

Low-Power Consumption and Heat Dissipation Processor

The main reason of the delay of new processor products Phenom X2 and X4 is AMD want to shift its focus from “creating faster products” to “value added products”. AMD has suffered by the Intel’s Core 2 processor family that beating the daylights out of the aged Athlon 64 family. Athlon 64 X2 system is still fast enough to cover the majority users need. However, a typical system certainly still has to be improved, especially for the enthusiast type users.

Nowadays, Intel has the advantage of having the faster and more efficient processors. Intel has made several advances with adjusting and fine-tuning its processor manufacturing processes. Compared to the first Core 2 Duo generation, Intel has made up many improvements, clearly producing more efficient and low-heat dissipation processors. Moreover, most of Core 2 processor family is more overclockable than Athlon 64 processor family.

Processor is only one of the components inside of the computer, which is means that other hardware items will consume power and add more power to the total consumption, but processor. For the examples, the graphic card is the component that can consume more than a high-end processor, the hard drive, optical drives, and other expansion cards. However, an efficient processor, which can convert its own heat into an energy, is suggested as a new perspective for computer industries to breakthrough the waste of power consumption for the next decades.

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