Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Start to Build Your Own Website

I have been admiring many bloggers out there since the first time I decided myself to become a blogger. They could build good quality websites, which are filled up with extraordinary contents. In a short time, they could boost up the Alexa rank those websites. I cannot doubt that in further time, there are many visitors of those websites will subscribe its’ RSS feed.

Are you good enough with PHP? If you are good with PHP, you probably want to start your own websites using Wordpress. In my humble opinion, for the first couple of months, you should not worry too much about monetizing your websites, it will be better if you are doing link building.

You might want to ask, why you should do link building? The answer is you want to get higher PageRank. PageRank is a Google’s rank based on how many sites that link to your websites. The best way to get higher PageRank is to become a member of a blog ring; you can notice that your websites will gain some exposures. This blog has gain much exposures from blog ring, so that the PageRank of this blog went up from 0 to 4. Each pages of your websites will not get the same PageRank, sometimes you will notice that some pages of your websites gain nothing.

If you are asking me what is the benefit of having high PageRank, then I can only say that your posts will have good position on the search engine like Google. This means that you can gain more unique visitors from the Internet. If I am considering to tell you on detail, it would be taken much time and it will not finish to be discussed in hundreds of posts. However, one thing that definitely sure, with a high PageRank, you can easily monetize your websites. The advertiser will pay you via PayPal.

With cool contents, your websites will dramatically increase its worthy on the Internet. Then, you need to think about traffic, Alexa is a well-known website that provides the score rank of each website all over the Internet that has included on Alexa’s database. However, some people say that the Alexa’s rank is not purely accurate.

Most of the bloggers that I have known are doing link building after gaining a lot of traffic. This choice is depend on your own strategies, if you considering gaining unique visitors per day, then you must consider implementing the link building strategy as earlier as possible. If you want to have many loyal visitors, then you should build a good relationship with them, then they will visit your websites and give you more and more traffic.

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